How not to use Twitter



What would Chris Carter say?


I’m not one to air out dirty laundry in public but there is a lesson to be learned by anyone using Twitter and Facebook. Before I lay out my cards, I will say that I @mention breweries when writing about them, a convenient way to say, “Hey, I wrote about your brewery. Here is the post. If there is anything inaccurate, let me know.” Breweries care about their brands like that. And it serves to let followers/fans know that the brewery has an account on Twitter or Facebook.

Back in the pre-notification era of Twitter, I would even @mention local bloggers if I was doing a post on a brewery near them. Thought it was relevant content to them at the time and maybe it was kosher but I have never done this in the notification era.

Enter August, 2011. Deep into the era of notifications. Now this is excessive.


Here is why you may never want to do this:

  1. The person gets SMS notifications sent to their phone.
  2. The person gets notifications through the Twitter/FB mobile applications.
  3. The person gets notifications sent to their email.
  4. The person may reside hundreds of miles away from your event.
  5. More in general, your content or whatever you are preaching may not be relevant to the person. At all.
  6. You’re creating an online identity that resembles a spammer more than someone in the community.
Grow your community organically. You will be glad that you did.