The door you never see

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So, I met this hip, young lady the other night. Super cute and wicked accomplished. Intimidated the crap out of me. Could barely look her in the eyes to be honest.

Normally, I’m fairly confident about meeting new people. When I tell someone that I run a beer website for a living, they usually get a kick out of it and say something like, “That’s awesome, man!” I’ll ask them what they do and they say that they are getting a grad degree or working a desk job somewhere. I’m rarely assured by people that they are truly happy with what they are doing. In some twisted way, I think I come away more confident about the career path I’ve taken after these encounters.

This night was a complete reversal though. It was really humbling to meet someone that actually made me question how happy I was with the path I’ve chosen. While I’m proud of what I’ve done so far with Beernews.org and all that, I’m not yet where I want to be with it. It has been a ton of work over the past few years and a ton of time behind a computer screen. Still doing everything myself. And very little travelling and meeting people face-to-face.

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The unbelievable Warren Buffett New York Times op-ed stats


It was quite a day for Warren Buffett and the New York Times.

(Big thanks to apfriedman for making this here photo available via Creative Commons)

Buckle your seat belts for lots of stats geekery. Even the honey badger makes an appearance in this one…

UPPPPDATE: We are now at 900k+ likes/shares/comments and tweets on the New York Times link. That doesn’t even take into account all the other media coverage. Just one link!

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Why any business with disaster scenario potential must use Twitter and Facebook


(above: Knownhost drops a substantial deuce on concerned customers / Flickr courtesy of photoratphotography)

Knownhost is a technology company.

Knownhost is a provider of webhosting services and a company with, what I’ve gathered, a pretty solid reputation. It is the reason I am using them for a couple of my websites. Support has generally always been pretty quick though they have yet to do anything/advise about my server httpd restarts which is a matter outside of this blog post.

Anyway, a server in TX went out today and other servers including mine ended up being affected.

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A Killer Events Website/App?


(Photo courtesy of Flickr user, anirudhkoul – creative commons)

On one of my runs this weekend, I came across a large gathering of people at a street festival. I had no idea what was going on until I got home and looked it up. I’ve also stumbled upon outdoor movies and outdoor concerts. In some cases, these events have Facebook pages with lots of people attending but in others, they don’t. And even if they did, how would you have discovered it in the first place?

Here’s what I’m looking for and maybe it exists (or maybe it doesn’t)…

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Report Responsibly


The hubbub around Tennessee and Sierra Nevada Brewing got me thinking again about an issue that needs some urgent attention as craft breweries grow and more people blog/report about them…

…responsibility when blogging about breweries (and insert any other business here).

There are a lot of pieces to that puzzle but the one I will largely focus on today is reporting about an issue of contention between at least two parties.

Here are some thoughts, observations and other learnings from the past few days.

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9 gaffes that couldn’t stop ‘Beervertising’ from going viral

Tuesday’s activity around Breckenridge Brewery’s “Truth in Beervertising” viral videos got me thinking about the elements that help a story go viral. As I publish this at 11am MST on Wednesday, my post is approaching 20,000 views.

How did it get there? Social sharing. As of right now, the original report in Ad Age has 1,329 shares between Facebook, Twitter and a link shortening service called Bit.ly. My article has 3,256 shares between those three and has been “upped” 622 times on Reddit.

Why did my post on Beernews.org get triple the amount of shares over Ad Age, a site with at least 12x the visitors?

For a story to get that many hits, a lot has to go right and that is a major credit to Breckenridge Brewery and the agency behind the campaign, Cultivator Advertising and Design. A prime example of how humor and authenticity shine through in video.

That said, I counted a slew of mistakes that Cultivator and Ad Age made that nearly derailed these videos from spreading like wildfire.

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Beersage no more

In the online world, I, Hankscorpio74, am known to be charismatic, tough, quick-witted, and tenacious as a copperhead snake. Like my namesake, Globex Corporation president Hank Scorpio, I am roguish and unflappable, possessing the confidence and flair of 20 men. Unfortunately, all of that changes when I drag my cursor down to “Shut Down” at the bottom of the “Special” menu. For all the admiration and respect I command in chat rooms, in real life, it’s a different story. Oh, how I wish I were more like my online persona.

The Onion, February 5, 2003

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